5 Must Follow Instagram Accounts

Instagram has become one of the biggest social platforms out there, featuring thousands upon thousands of gorgeous homes. Here are the top 5 currently inspiring us! 

1. @luxemagazine - Curated design inspiration from behind-the-scenes of Luxe Interiors + Design magazine.

2. @housebeautiful - Life beings at Home.

3. @circahouses - An online, curated old house market place. Browse. Indulge. Find your dream home.

4. @horschinteriors - Antiques and Interior Design near Hamburg

5. @bunnywilliamshome - Bunny Williams home is a unqiue line of home furnishings and accessories designed by Bunny Williams

Wishing you all happy Monday!


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Top 5 2017 Market Trends

With the start of the new year comes the start of a fresh real estate market (so to speak!). Here's a look at the top 5 trends for 2017:

1. More credit. This means, more buyers. Fortune Magaine writes:

 Mortgage credit will likely be more widely available due to slightly looser lending standards... and the Federal Housing Administration will likely lower fees it charges first-time homebuyers.

2. Millennials and boomers will be big buyers. According to CBS news:

A number of factors are contributing to this generation's decision to start buying homes. More jobs are being created for 25- to 34-year-olds than any other age group, and wages are rising. Millennials are also reaching an age at which they're thinking about marriage and children. Baby boomers, the oldest of whom are entering their late 60s, are also looking to move as they reach their retirement years.

3. Competition will grow fiercer. Forbes writes:

In 2017 sellers will maintain the edge over buyers as demand is expected to increase. In 2016 the typical homes stayed on the market for just 52 days, about a week faster than in 2015 and the fastest year since Redfin began measuring in 2009. The brokerage expects 2017 to be even faster.

4. Homeowners could see their equity rise! AOL weighs in with:

While the National Association of Realtors is projecting a slowdown in home prices, other housing industry experts are taking a different stance. CoreLogic, for example, is forecasting a price increase of 5.2% through September 2017. If home prices increase at that rate or close to it, some homeowners could see their home equity rise.

Having more equity in your home is a plus if you're hoping to sell your home or refinance. The more equity you've built up in your property, the more you stand to make if you decide to sell your house. If you're refinancing to pull equity out of your home for a major renovation, a higher equity value will give you more borrowing power.

5. The market will continue to thrive! US New and World Report concludes:

The loosening of lending standards, expanding new home starts, increased equity and home values, and historically low mortgage rates will continue to fuel the real estate market throughout 2017. Optimism in the face of uncertainty may not always run hand-in-hand with reality, but today’s fears will be allayed by tomorrow’s victories.

Looks like a great year to consider buying and/or selling!

We're always here for your real estate needs,

Vivian Nelson Celebrates 30 Years With RE/MAX

Vivian pictured with Broker/Owner Mike Gallagher at the 2016 Holiday Office Party.

We are proud and excited to announce that Vivian Nelson, of the Vivian Nelson Group, has recently celebrated her 30th year with RE/MAX. 

Vivian has been in the real estate industry for 38 years and with RE/MAX for 30 years. She has achieved many sales awards throughout her career including the RE/MAX Top Achiever award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award which less than 10% of RE/MAX agents earn. She has lived in Foxboro with her husband Bill for 45 years, together having raised three children in the area. She now has three grandsons. She has a very deep understanding of the Foxboro market having been successful in this industry for so long. “I joined RE/MAX 30 years ago, because agents had the opportunity, and still have the opportunity, to run their own businesses. This motivated me to work extra hard to be successful,” Vivian said. “The RE/MAX concept allows for personal growth and reaching many goals is that sometimes we think are unobtainable.”    

In additional to her many sales award, Vivian has always been a committed member to the local community. She is the former president of the Foxboro Rotary where she continues to be a member serving for the last 20 years. She has worked closely with hundreds of local families of the years, and considers herself to be her clients’ “personal real estate advisor for life.”

“Vivian is a leader in our industry in Foxboro. She has built an excellent reputation over the years having helped hundreds of families,” said Mike Gallagher Owner of RE/MAX Real Estate Center.  “With 30 years at RE/MAX, and 38 overall years, her experience, professionalism, proven sales success record and years of market knowledge, we only foresee her success in real estate to continue for many years to come. We wish her a wonder industry anniversary and are happy that she chooses to continue to work with RE/MAX Real Estate Center.”

You can contact Vivian for any of your real estate needs here.

Wishing Vivian another 30 years of success,

Ready Your Home for Winter

Even though we're already halfway through December, winter really doesn't being until January in New England! Thus, you still have plenty of time to winterize your home! Here is our beloved winter to-do list:

  1. Put away or cover your outdoor furniture.
  2. Get rid of drafts. (Caulk around winters and doors.)
  3. Tune up your heating system.
  4. Prevent ice dams (a weatherization contractor can identify and fix air leaks and inadequate insulation in your home's attic that can lead to ice dams.)
  5. Clean the gutters.
  6. Turn off exterior faucets.
  7. Repair demaged sidewalks, driveways and steps.
  8. Prune trees and/or shrubs.
  9. Call a chimney sweep.
  10. Stock up on winter essentials. (Salt/ice melt.)



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Why Selling Your Home in Winter is GREAT Idea!

With the harsh New England winter on it's way, most people who are considering selling typically decide to wait until Spring market. But the truth is that there are many great reasons to list your home for sale during these colder months. And below you'll find our top 3!

1. Home buyers are much more serious shoppers - they have intent to buy. There's the potential to find people who are relocating for a job (think first quarter relos), sure, but on a whole, people who are looking in the winter months are motivated buyers, unwilling to stop their search just because of a little snow.

2. There are less properties on the market, thus sellers have a better chance of getting at or above listing price. We've been in a pretty hot real estate market for a while now, but truthfully, it could be hotter especially if you're one of the only homes on the market in the winter! Less inventory means more attention for those listed! 

3. No landscaping? No problem! One of the best pieces of selling during the winter is not having to deal with maintenance (other than shoveling, of course) of the exterior. In some case, this can save you BIG time in seller preparations.

Did we convince you? :) Either way, we highly encourage you to check out our agent profiles here!


Decorating for the Holidays: Garland

One of the most common holiday decorations around towns south of Boston is garland! From front doors and porches, to fireplaces and table tops, this piece of decor in an inexpensive classic to add some fullness to your space while still playing up your personal style! 

Originally brought to America by-way of Europe, garland was often used to decorate Christmas trees and being some festive cheer. And now-a-days, when you see it around town, you know that the holiday's have arrived.

This year, as you pull out the decorations, and start the holiday baking, see if you come up with any new and creative ways to use garland!  

Wishing you all the best as we start off this holiday season,


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