Blog :: 02-2017

Preparing Your Home For Sale

We have just under one month until Spring Market officially begins! If you're thinking of selling, now is good time to start preparing your home for sale. Here are our top 5 suggestions:

  1. Paint! A fresh coat of paint can make everything feel completely fresh again. 
  2. Shine the floors. 
  3. Do a deep clean and/or clean the bathrooms. For the bathrooms: replace missing tiles, re-caulk the moldy areas. 
  4. Eliminate any odors. Hide the litter box, spray air neutralizer. Consider adding in fresh flowers instead! 
  5. Improve! Improvements not only help the house sell faster, they can help it sell for more money! Look into upgrading your kitchen, making repairs to the exteriors, and/or improving your landscaping

If you can't decide where to spend and where to save when getting your home ready for sale, then start working with a real estate agent. Knowledgeable agents know the market, but they also know what will give you the biggest return on your improves.

Happy Monday! 


Buying a New Construction Home

The new construction home market is expected to pick up significantly this year, so here is what we suggest when buying a new construction home!

  1. Weigh the pros and cons. It's easy to get caught up in the new and shiny, but we suggest really thinking on whether these homes actually fit your lifestyle.
  2. Find a great agent. You're going to want someone who has some new construction home buying experience! 
  3. Get negotiating! Consider asking for the builder to pay closing costs or perform upgrades at no additional charge.
  4. Get an Inspection and Home Warranty. Make your sales contract contingent on a final home inspection by a professional you hire. Never assume that because a home is newly constructed, it isn't going to have defects.
  5. Get everything in writing! Don’t sign anything until everything has been negotiated, agreed upon and written into the contract.

Happy home hunting! We're always here for your real estate needs!


2016 MLS Year End Review

The most important news out there for home owners and agents alike is market news! MLS recently sent out their 2016 Year End Review, and we thought this was an opportune moment to share 2 quick sheets with you! Overall, the market is solid and homes are selling quickly! And we don't expect this to change very much this year (2017) either!

If you have any questions on the value of your home, please feel welcome to reach out here, or browse our agents here.

We're always here to help with your real estate needs,