Falling for Fall

Parting with summer is always so difficult for us New Englanders knowing that winter sneaks up quickly on our fall season. So, how about we try and prolong autumn with some inspiration via Pinterest? Let's fall in love with Fall. 


Happy Fall all!





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    Trick or Treat

    Halloween is one week away – that means if you haven’t decorated your main entrance for trick or treaters, it’s time to do so. Here are 4 easy-peasy suggestions that can go a long way! 

    1. Pumpkins. A must! And a classic! Carve them, stack them, paint them, light them or let them be. A way to show off the October spirit without the big to-do.

    2. Skeletons. Climbing. Dancing. Hanging. Or at random on the front grass. Spooky!

    3. A witches brew. Collect brooms, Manson jars, and spiders and pumpkins in black, and white, (or paint them to be such) and create your very own witches brew for the front porch. Add in cobwebs and/or skeleton bones to put it over the top.  

    4. Suspend something! Anything! Witches hats, ghosts, balloons, or bats.

    Happy decorating!


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